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Try Something New, razorCMS V3

It's here, in ALPHA, but very close to BETA release, want to see what we have come up with... razorCMS V3

Sharp and Simple Flat File Content Management System

razorCMS, the databaseless flat file content management system, that can be as small or large as you wish. It's structure allows you to have just the amount of functionality you need in a flat file CMS solution, helping to keep speed and simplicity at a maximum whilst allowing setup on simple servers with no database.

razorCMS is ideally suited to small to medium website projects, it can be run without need for a database, due to it's flat file structure it has no need for a database meaning it can also be a cost effected method in content management, allowing it to be used on the cheapest of web hosts, or even free hosting. Start off with a core system install, then add the extra functionality as you need it via the blade pack management system. From WYSIWYG editors to SEF URL you can find the extra functionality you need via the blade pack system.

razorCMS is offered for free under the GPLv3 open source licence.

razorCMS (ng) angular based CMS version out now!

razorCMS (ng)

This angular based config only CMS (no admin) is a base for anyone wanting to have web applications housed in a website that can be crawled correctly thus keeping SEO and indexing happy. It is designed to be used by developers to allow them to create web applications simply using angular and requireJS to add in micro JS frameworks as needed.

Using a single main PHP file to solve the indexing and SEO issue, angular modules can be bolted right into pages with ease.

New CMS version out now!

razorCMS Phoenix V2.1

The latest version of the phoenix 2.X series of razorCMS is out now, why not download it and give it a try. This latest version includes lots of new features and a first step in a port over to the new version 2.0 code.

Ask a Dork

Ask a Dork

Ask A DorkHave a question? Need an answer? Then why don't you ask a dork. With new content added daily, ask a dork is a new online resource tool for getting answers on anything.

We are here to assimilate all your earth knowledge one bit at a time so check back regularly to see if we have new content. From general information, to steps and methods for doing things, just ask. What if we don't know? not a problem, just ask your question anyway and we will add it as soon as we can.

Online CV / Resume

Snoopple Online CV / Resume

Ever been at work when you have had a call about a job vacancy? Ever been asked to change your CV only to find it's on your computer at home? Maybe you need more than one CV for different job applications? Maybe what you need is to bring yourself into the 21st century and move to an online CV

By moving your CV into the cloud with Snoopple, using Snoopple profiles, you gain the you gain the ability to access your profiles from any computer, Create, edit, copy and share as many profiles as you like with others as well as tailor more than one profile for different types of employment.

Join now, create a new account, add some profiles and share your profiles with others by providing them with a link and unlock key to view online

Read more about this new tool brought to you by the makers of razorCMS and create your online CV /resume today for free.

Learn Website Design

Web Design Drives Me Nuts

nutsRead web design drives me nuts now over at Learn Website Design, the best place to learn all about website design. If your new to this whole internet design thingy and need a simple place to start, why not read this online guide and work your way through the helpful advise. Regularly updated, this guide will be the place to go if your starting out with website design.

From the site... Writing a website can be like painting a picture, some software lets you do just this, you create your idea graphically and the software turns this into a usable website. This is all well and good as long as the software being used is capable of creating structured clean code, which in reality is the opposite of what you actually get out the other end.

Some of our Partners

razorCMS PartnerThe razorCMS partner program is a program designed to help users easily find resources for razorCMS. This can be in the form of support, blade packs, hosting, anything that we feel may assist users to find official supporters of the project.


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