Become a razorCMS Partner

razorCMS PartnerThe razorCMS partner program is a program designed to help users easily find resources for razorCMS. This can be in the form of support, blade packs, hosting, anything that we feel may assist users to find official supporters of the project.

By using official razorCMS partners, you can be assured that you will get complete support from the project, and you will be using services designed and configured especially with razorCMS in mind. The partner program should be your official guide to who and what services are best suited to razorCMS.

Don't be fooled, use services showing the official razorCMS partner logo, all users showing the logo will be in our partners section of this website, so only use validated sources. If websites are found to be using the logo and are not on our registered members list, please contact the project and we will take appropriate action.

If you would like to become a razorCMS partner, simply contact the project for information on how we could work together.

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