Core System (production release)

razorCMS Phoenix - v2.1 Full install

To download the latest core system, please use the link below

razorCMS Phoenix v2.1 - ZIP (296kb)(23-Jan-2013)

The core system contains limited functionality, it is just enough to get a system up and running. If you require extra functionality in your system once the core is installed, please use the blade packs. If you require an older version of razorCMS core, please visit the archive area of site.

The latest version codenamed Phoenix, is part of a set of releases that will bring the new version 2.0 code to the v1.X system. Rather than release a new completely different system, instead we developed a new system and new technologies, and are porting this functionality to the old legacy system.

The main benefit of handling the new code in this fashion is legacy support for the old system. This first in the series of the phoenix release includes the following:-

  • Removal of the watchdog tool and replacement with XSS exploit check on admin
  • Introduction of new library classes
  • New fully integrated error handling, with system modes for displaying errors, logging errors, error to console (chromephp) and debugging to console (chromephp) for enhanced development debugging
  • New theme
  • Latest version of jquery, bootstrap and chromephp
  • New file/folder layout (to bring in new system files)
  • Preparation for razorDB (the flat file database with caching)
  • Much much much more....

This 2.1 version includes fixes for infobar items not sortable by dragging and xss check changes.


The following upgrade has been provided to upgrade any version from 1.2.X onwards to Phoenix V2.1 (including 2.0 to 2.1) (268kb)

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you backup your site before proceeding, optionally, try to upgrade a copy of your site to gauge compatibility issues you may have before atempting an upgrade of a live system.

Some older legacy blade packs my have rendering issues with this new version.

This upgrade progress will leave behind some deprecated files, whilst these will not cause you any error at all, for those who like to keep things clean, deletion of the following folders will keep your system clean after the upgrade has completed successfully. We have chosen to leave this optional for those that want to perform the action.

  • admin/core
  • admin/lib
  • admin/theme
  • core
  • script

When upgrading, this will overwrite config changes, if you have a special config (non default), please unpack this upgrade, change the config values in the config file, re-zip and install to upgrade with your current config values. Always backup your system using your hosts file browser before proceeding with an upgrade!

razorCMS (ng) V1.7 angular based CMS

This is a config only adaptation of razorCMS. It is simply downloaded, configured by altering the JSON files and then uploaded to your server. Create pages, configure them in the JSON files and you have a fully working website.

Due to the limitations of robots and indexing, this CMS was created to bring angular applications to a CMS while keeping SEO and indexing working (without the need to compile secondary cloned pages or anything like that. This CMS contains one PHP file that resolved routing and also loads content using PHP to get by the JS issue with SEO and indexing. This allows the majority of your content, menus, site details to be loaded before crawling, something JS driven sites lack. Until such time that SEO and indexing catches up and parses JS, we will continue to serve content via server pre crawl.

It doesn't stop there though, razorCMS (ng) is a fully fledged website CMS that bundles angular JS and uses requireJS to solve dependencies. Use this system if you know what your doing, are happy with a config only CMS (no admin) and want to build applications using angular and have them integrated into a website CMS.

At present this CMS has no documentation as it is BETA software, if you are struggling to work out how to use it, please hit the forum and let me know. As I find time, I will be adding modules to use with the CMS, applications that can be added simply by uploading.

get razorCMS (ng) now (556kb)

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