Fancy giving razorCMS a try without committing to an installation, why not try out the online demonstration offered by OpenSourceCMS. This demonstration gives you, the user, the ability to try out most of the features of razorCMS. Use the demonstration to get a feel for managing a site using razorCMS through the administration console and help answer them all important questions.

PLEASE NOTE : Some features of razorCMS may or may not be fully functional or available in this demo, due to the sensitive nature of offering a demonstration, it is necessary to lock down the demo install in order to prevent the demo server from being compromised. Functionality in this demo install DOES NOT represent true functionality of razorCMS in it's standard installation state.

  • Provider - OpenSourceCMS
  • Demo Duration - Demo is removed and re-installed automatically every 2 hours
  • Admin Console Username - admin
  • Admin Console Password - demo123
  • Link to Demo Front End - razorCMS demo front end
  • Link to Demo Admin Console - razorCMS demo Admin Console

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