Below is a list of documents created for razorCMS on various topics, whilst the list is presently small, it will be growing as the project expands.

If you feel that there is a lack of documentation in a particular area, or you would like to offer your services for writing documents, please contact me regarding your request.

If you cannot find the documentation you are looking for, please consult the dedicated support forum.

razorCMS User Manual

The complete guide to using razorCMS written in a light hearted easy to follow manner. Contains all you need to know about using the system and getting the most from razorCMS

razorCMS V1.0 User Manual (iss5) - pdf (149kb)

razorCMS Theme Development Guide

This is a concise guide for creating themes for razorCMS, it offers information on writing themes and how they integrate into the system. Also included is the sample theme blade pack to be used as a template for creating themes.

Theme Development Guide Issue 3 - pdf (38kb)

Sample Theme Blade Pack V1.0 - zip (14kb)

Blade Pack Development Notes

This is a concise description of how the blade pack system works and integrates blade pack add-ons into the system. It contains a full list of current sockets throughout the core system and any blade packs containing sockets.

Blade Pack Development Notes Issue 5 - pdf (66kb)

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