Language Blade Packs

Language blade packs are a simple and effective way to change the default language in the backend, from english to a language of your choice.

Simply download a language blade pack from the list below, and install using the installation tool in the blade manager section of the administration console.

Some of the language blade packs below are licenced under the GPLv3 licence, please check the licence type detailed in the readme that comes with the system blade pack for licence type and usage requirements, where no licence is found, the razorCMS licence will be enforced. If you require an older version of a blade pack, please visit the archive area of site.


This is a sample language blade pack, use this to create a language blade pack for your administration console.

razorCSTF (core v1.0 and up)

Get Admin Text

This is a tool to get all the text for translation in the administration console, use this tool to generate a list for the translation file.

Get admin text (core v1.0 and up)

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