System Features (core v1.2 and up)


  • Flat File design, no database required
  • Simple, fast and security conscious installer
  • Small and fast footprint
  • Modular framework
  • Support for multilingual translations
  • Multiple infobar content displayed on single page
  • External links in link menus
  • Search engine friendly URL's with advanced mode for multi folder layouts
  • Easily modified
  • Easily extendable via blade pack add on interface
  • Multi level menus
  • Security check for file permissions
  • Full file manager
  • 3 user accounts with varying levels of access (good for handing over to clients)
  • Simple backup manager
  • Automatic invalid login check, blocks invalid logins by IP address after 8 attempts
  • Improved security
  • Multiple theme control
  • Maintenance Mode, keeping your site offline to users but online to you, for changes
  • Drag and drop re-ordering
  • And much much more...

New Admin Home Page

Take a look at interactive home page, with feedback on environment, versions and introducing the new system messages from the razorCMS website and the ability to monitor all files within the system for permissions to ensure file security.

Content Manager

  • Catagory based layout for content applied as link items
  • Creation of page content, infobar content or external links
  • Support for in page blades, adding functionality directly into your page content
  • Simple raw text editor or Optional WYSIWYG blade pack for creating content
  • Simple addition of meta for individual pages via blade packs
  • Multi level menu's by creating sub categories for pages, show sub categories as a folder in URL
  • Easily publish or un-publish content
  • Simple drag and drop re-ordering of pages and categories

File Manager

  • Simple management of all files (access restricted to some login accounts)
  • View, edit, copy, rename, move, delete files and folders
  • Edit files in a raw text screen
  • Wiew media like documents, pdf, images, flash
  • Create folders, upload files, and much much more...

Backup Manager

  • Create backups for online storage
  • Manage backups
  • Remove backups
  • Restore backups (access restrictions apply to some accounts)
  • Download and upload backups to and from online storage
  • New improved backup tools, utilising new bundled zip class (no need to have server zip support)

User Manager

  • Change user account details
  • Configure all accounts when logged in as super admin
  • 3 accounts supplied for access to the administration console, with varying access to system features
  • System wide access control

Settings Manager

  • Simple settings manager for changing non vital site settings
  • Alter website name, slogan and footer, supporting html code
  • Protect catagories from deletion
  • Change charset type
  • Set up to 4 themes for your site
  • Change blade pack settings
  • multi mode SEF URL added, choose a flat URL layout or show sub categories as folders in URL (advanced mode)

Blade Manager

  • Interface for managing blade packs, split by class type, system, theme, language or upgrade
  • Installer, simply upload, read any notes that are displayed for help and information on the blade pack
  • Auto unpack and install
  • Remove blade packs no longer needed
  • New blade pack system, improves site speed by only checking for active packs

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